Let's show Mom how good you are at doing all the chores of the house, and get paid for doing them !

- Rug Cleaning 

- Make Breakfast

- Clean Pool 

- Wash Car 

- Window Cleaning 

- Shoe Polishing

- Raking Leaves

- Mowing Lawn 

- Doing Dishes

- Ironing Clothes 

& many more .

Do the Chores - Earn Allowance - Decorate you Room !


Have you ever dreamt of creating your own car from scratch ?

Well , your dream is about to come true ! In this Idle game we give you a rare opportunity to create your own car starting from tires , power distribution , engine , upto the paint . 

Understand how each component of a car works and immerse yourself in this one of a kind Idle game !

Special features:


- Make a Sedan Car

- Make a Sports Car

- Motorcycle 

- Autonomous Car

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